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NatHealth Smart Benefits
NatHealth Smart Benefits

NatHealth is driven by a world-class web-based platform called e-Claim that gives clients the power to process and extract medical information. E-Claim’s international standards ensure effective claims processing and allow for tighter, more secure control of expenses and correct disbursement.
NatHealth implements new smart card systems and client-based data portals. This will be coupled with an approach to rates negotiation that harnesses economies of scale for our clients’ benefit. At the end of the day, all of this means more savings and better rates for our clients, and a simpler way to make healthcare management less cumbersome.

Features include:

  • The capability to meet any new requirements, special terms and exclusions put forth by the client.
  • The ability to add a full spectrum of accounting functionalities including the electronic printing of checks to the health-care providers.
  • The system is more medically oriented as opposed to the accounting orientation of the other systems currently in use.
  • Provides the medical history for all subscribers along with any emergency information

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