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Electronic Insurance Smart Card

Our system is based on Smart Card technology that offers reliable and secure electronic medical claim processing for card-holders (Subscribers).  NatHealth’s smart card is an electronic card containing a chip and it is similar to the one used in mobile phones, this chip acts as a key opening the door for personal and medical information stored in the company’s database and it is very difficult to duplicate or counterfeit.

This technology is considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East and it is being considered on a national level here in Jordan. The smart card can provide many features and benefits. It also has the ability to bring up:

  • Personal Information including the national ID number, address and a recent photo.
  • Emergency information, blood type and the name of the family doctor.
  • Health Insurance terms and exclusions.
  • Encrypted medical history thus insuring safety and total secrecy for every subscriber.
  • Recent visits and medical procedures along with prescribed medication so as to limit waste and misuse

Total secrecy and protection of the information is ensured where the only way to access such data is through a special password and card reader.

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