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Electronic Health

 The NatHealth electronic health claim processing system is a state-of-the-art claims software that was developed in cooperation with our IT sister company Ideal Soft. NatHealth owns the source code of the software. It is an Oracle-based system that has many powerful features, which make it superior to most systems currently used in the region.

Our web-based e-claim system enables each of our clients to extract and process their respective medical information, with the highest level of privacy guaranteed. This “self-service” approach promises to revolutionize the healthcare (insurance) industry. Our e-claim system also facilitates effective claims processing and allows for tighter, more secure control of expenses and proper disbursement of payments.

Integrating smart card technology into our electronic processing of medical claims, gives NatHealth an edge over its competitors in the Middle East region. Naturally, this translates to better rates and higher savings for our clients. It will also help in making health care management more user-friendly and less cumbersome.   


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